Our house

During the mid-’70s, I started my career as a carpenter, building homes in Salt Lake City, Utah. After several years working in Hawaii and Alaska, my wife (Kay) and I decided to move back to Salt Lake City and start our own general contracting business. The energy crisis of the early 80’s caused a new awareness of solar power and energy efficiency. That is when we saw an opportunity in the solar energy business. It was then we decided to get a solar hot water license to go with our general contracting license. As the business developed, we had an opportunity to do some solar pool heating systems. Solar pool systems were affordable and cost-effective, so we began to focus more on that aspect of the business. Solar pool heating is one of the most efficient uses of solar power. You can see returns on your investment in a short amount of time and can save thousands of dollars annually over propane heating systems. For more information on how solar pool heating works – click here

Over the past 25 years, we have installed hundreds of systems all over Utah. During this time, we decided to build a solar-powered, off- grid home of our own. If needed our home can be independent from nearly all city resources.

Our solar dream home has:

* Solar passive heating with extra insulation

* Solar radiant floor heat

* Solar power

* Solar hot water

* Solar well pump

* Solar greenhouse

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